Welcome to Lanzarote, the jewel of the Canary Islands! Here's your ultimate visitor guide to ensure you make the most of your trip to this breathtaking island.

Where to stay:
Lanzarote offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget, from luxury resorts to cozy apartments and villas. For a truly unique experience, stay in one of the island's famous white-washed villages like Yaiza or Haria, where you can immerse yourself in local culture and feel like a true Lanzaroteño.

What to eat:
Lanzarote's cuisine is heavily influenced by its volcanic landscape and proximity to the sea. Try delicious dishes like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), fresh seafood, and mojo sauces made from local herbs and spices. Don't miss out on the island's famous wine, which is made from grapes grown in the island's volcanic soil.

What to see:
Lanzarote is filled with stunning natural beauty and unique attractions. Visit the Timanfaya National Park to see the island's volcanic landscape up close, or explore the Cueva de los Verdes, a spectacular underground cave system created by volcanic eruptions.

For culture vultures, don't miss the works of acclaimed artist César Manrique, whose influence can be seen throughout the island in his unique architectural style and art installations. Visit his former home, now a museum, or take a tour of his stunning Jameos del Agua, a natural auditorium created from an ancient lava tunnel.

Where to shop:
Lanzarote is known for its unique handicrafts, including ceramics, embroidery, and traditional basket weaving. Visit the Teguise Sunday Market for an authentic shopping experience, or browse the boutiques and galleries of the charming village of Tias.

When to go:
Lanzarote enjoys year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, making it a great destination for any time of year. However, the best time to visit is during the spring and autumn months when the crowds are smaller and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

So pack your bags and get ready to experience all that Lanzarote has to offer!

The following resorts are available in Lanzarote: